DME Leads

DME Leads

Durable medical equipment DME leads are a great source for segmenting both patients over and under the age 65 paired with Medicare, supplemental or private insurance details.

DME (Durable Medical Equipment) refers to medical equipment prescribed by a physician that is designed for repeated use such as wheelchairs, traction equipment, canes, walkers, crutches, ventilators, CPAP machines, oxegen, monitors, pressure mattresses and lifts.

While the vast majority of DME users are over the age of 65 and on Medicare or supplemented by private insurance, patients under the ages of 65 are often prescribed DME. We can provide you with both segments or the one that best suits your needs.

Turn Durable Medical Leads Into Sales

Increase your sales by reaching interested customers through new channels via our exclusive DME leads. Take a more strategic approach to growth by reaching your ideal customer when they’re ready to act.

Our long-form data collection process generates quality DME leads via online banners, social media, bulk mail, SMS campaigns and organic SEO marketing. This allows us to capture more data selects – typical DME contact will provide data for over 30 questions. This insures that you can engage with DME leads that meet your ideal patient profile. 

Tech Verti provides proprietary technology and services that are HIPAA and TCPA compliant. Most importantly, we help increase your sales pipeline, helping you shift focus on engaging and helping patients. 

Some of the most popular DME segments offer leads in the following industries: Hearing Aids, Sleep Apnea Devices, Incontinence Supplies, Medical Alerts, Orthotic Braces, Catheters, Diabetic Supplies, and Chronic Pain Supplies.

Long Form DME Leads – Data Selects Can Include:

first name | middle name | las tname | address1 | address2 | city | State | zip | phone1 | phone2 | email | dob | gender | primary policy | bin | pcn | group id | dr npi | dr first name | dr last name | dr address1 | dr city | dr state | dr zip code | dr phone | dr fax | test blood at home | test per day | ailment


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