Accredited Investor Leads

Investor Leads

Our accredited investor leads are the most comprehensive and well-vetted contact leads in the United States. Each investor is pre-qualified via our extensive phone interview at our dedicated US call center.

We understand the value of an accredited investor lead, and we have been providing the best, pre-qualified leads in the market for years. We can also provide highly targeted investor leads that focus on your particular type of project or industry by segmenting and cross-referencing the leads with thousands of buyer and consumer behavioral data.

Highly Responsive Accredited Investor Leads

Our investor leads are generated by our U.S. based call center that contacts qualified and above-average income individuals – many times business owners. If they show an investment interest and agree to take a call by an expert, we then go through a 20 point, eight-minute interview. The investor must have an interest in one or more investment opportunities.

We can target specified investment types, buyer behaviors and many other key factors to offer you the freshest and most accurate investor leads.

New U.S. investor leads are exclusive to you for thirty days. We guarantee they will have an interest in talking with you and the name and phone numbers are correct. After the thirty days, the leads are then resold. At a minimum, our investor leads provide accurate, updated information on the client’s range of interests, their investment resources, and current information on their work status. Most are accredited investors.

Tech Verti can also provide exclusive, real-time, and fresh investor leads daily. These are website form submits from well know financial websites. We bounce ping test all phone numbers prior to sending your file to verify connectivity. For real time data our connectivity is over 95%, for fresh data above 85%. We will replace all disconnects and patently erroneous information within 24 hrs.

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