Payday Loan Leads

Payday Loan Leads

Our debit relief leads are collected throughout the United States and represent consumers that owe more than $10,000 in unsecured debt.

Over twelve million American adults use payday loans annually to seek temporary relief do to economic shortfall. According to PEW research, a borrower takes out eight loans of $375 each per year and spends $520 on interest on average.

Our Payday Loan Leads are generated through various lead generation methods in real-time for those individuals that are actively seeking a Payday Loan. These are people who wish to be contacted by a payday advance company to receive immediate cash to solve a short-term financial issue.

Information of the Payday Loan prospect is placed through our database filters to verify their most recent contact information. Only then, will that information be turned over to one of your payday advance experts.

Real-Time & Aged Cash Advance Loan Data Available

We offer a wide array of data selects in both short form payday loan leads and long form payday loan leads.

Most Popular Short Form Lead Selects

firstname | lastname | address | city | state | zip | email | telephone 

Most Popular Long Form Lead Selects

firstname | lastname | address | city | state | zip | rentown | years_at_address | months_at_address | email | telephone | cell | altnumber | birth_date | SSN | license_num | license_state | UScitizen | employed |shift_hours |employer | job_title |employer_telephone|date_hired | income_source | monthly_pay | pay_period | check_deposit | paycheck1_date | paycheck2_date | military_status | active_checking | bank_name | routing_num | account_num |reference1_name | reference1_phone | reference1_relation |reference2_name | reference2_phone | reference2_relation | remote_addr loan_amount years_at_bank | months_at_bank | shift_time | supervisor | gender

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