Homeowner Lists

Homeowner Lists

The reason for acquiring homeowners lists with the aim of marketing varies according to your business interests. Some people will capture data to help homeowners go green with eco-friendly solutions, while others will enjoy discovering the bliss of a customer direct marketing list to sell mortgage packages. These reasons can vary for any reason, but they all have a dependence on high-quality lists. 

You must invest in a homeowner list that covers the relevant physical region of interest, or a majority of the United States for US-based businesses. You should also ensure that the marketing company updates their data regularly. The latter is essential in ensuring that your marketing scheme targets current homeowners, who have an active interest in your products and services. This case will prevent you from sending marketing data on how to maintain the staircase, to owners of bungalow home. 

Who needs homeowner lists

  • Home energy businesses that want to renovate or upgrade a house’s energy system
  • Home insurance firms
  • Building contractors
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Pest control contractors
  • Plumbing companies
  • Cleaning companies
  • Lawn care and landscaping agents
  • Furniture sellers 

Reaching the right target audience will help you achieve your business goals and create profitable campaigns. The perquisites of a homeowner list exceed the monetary value in the following ways:


Tech Verti has a segmented listing scheme that will reach several search selections. The filtration programs ensure that the target audience is excellent for creating sales or spreading awareness on various homeownership related topics. 

Saving time

Accuracy of homeowner lists will determine how fast your clients want to purchase your products or services. The most recent list should attract homeowners who wish to acquire insurance, renovation or inspection services. Outdated listings may be relevant in keeping your brand relevant among homeowners who want continual maintenance services. 

Better returns

The homeowner list should clarify the content that will be of much use to the clients. You can customize each message to speak to clients who own a specific type of property. This specialized marketing strategy is excellent in maximizing possible returns. 

High retains

Most people will mark marketing emails as spam. Continual messaging will land a viable business into the blacklist of potential clients. Acquiring a homeowner list is one way of giving your messages a soft landing, which will always land in the receivers’ inbox for a long time.

Filters used to create a homeowner list

  • Ethnicity
  • Home type
  • Loan value
  • Range of credit score
  • Organization of the loaning company
  • Habits of using the credit card
  • Presence of pets
  • Length of residence in the target home
  • Presence of children
  • The surname of the homeowner
  • Interests of the residents
  • LTV 

Tech Verti will get you a list with proven high response rates. The source of data lists comes from various accessible platforms, which can be as many as one hundred. Common ones come from government organizations such as:

  • Postal service information
  • Voter registration records
  • Telephone records
  • Tax assessment records
  • Real estate data
  • Bill processors
  • Utility connects
  • Behavioral data records




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