Traveler Leads

Traveler Leads

Traveler leads are a great way to connect with individuals who are frequent flyers, travel for leisure or independently wealthy. Discover leads with higher spending levels and more luxurious lifestyles.

Tech Verti has spent years developing relationships with premium data producers who procure data via user opt-in features on mobile apps, website forms, geolocation and mailing forms.

We continue to identify frequent travelers and those who live a luxurious lifestyle and can cross-reference this data with thousands of other data segments in order to refine the best traveler leads. Contact us and we can match your sales criteria with the right sales leads in order to produce more closed sales and higher return on your investment.

Market To People Who Travel The Most

Many of our travelers leads are generated through the use of mobile location collection data from a variety of airports, cruise ship terminals and hubs nationwide. We have partnered with these vendors and industry leaders to track, monitor and validate premise visitors.

Contact data is captured when anyone with a smartphone who travels to our partnered airports, terminals or hubs and uses at least one of our 5,000+ mobile apps. These trusted partners share the contact data with us where we securely segment it and mine it to aggregate matching contact data and cross-reference it for indexing.

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