U.S. Consumer Database

U.S. Consumer Database

Tech Verti Data and Analytics provides a wide variety of quality sales lists, targeted data solutions and leads at reasonable rates. We focus on providing premium data and provide a quality guarantee on all services.

Our marketing expertise aids in your organizations bottom line. This is done through the generation of targeted leads or advertising data which is produced to capture your preferred audience.

Promotion is the basis of any sales program. It determines the way a targeted audience perceives the product or service that is being marketed. We work to find the right balance and stay on top of the latest in data analytics and lead generation platforms.

Tech Verti Data and Analytics is a leading marketing and technology business. We provide the most powerful consumer contact databases in the marketplace. We are the outstanding source for consumer phone contact; consumer mobile contact, consumer email contact, and postal street addresses.

Our advertising platform accommodates organizations of all sizes to construct new audiences while utilizing multiple channels and tools using our “patent pending” system. Our specialists in data services have the capability to make the precise list needed for your campaign.

Data and cross-channel digital advertising permits businesses, customers, and prospects to interact through mobile, email, and postal mailing Our only goal is helping marketers find and convert prospects while enhancing their brand visibility and increasing their earnings.

U.S. Consumer Lifestyle Database:

Our Consumer Lifestyle Database contains is newly updated. It is one of the most comprehensive sets of consumer lists available, encompassing over 90% of all U.S. consumers. With our consumer lists and extensive targeting capabilities, you will have unparalleled access to your target market. Extensive targeting capabilities gives unparalleled access to your specific target audience.

We maintain targeted household and personal, demographic, purchasing and lifestyle information on over 235 million American adults. Tech Verti Data and Analytics is capable of pinpointing behaviors and buying habits for 130 million U.S households. These consumer lists contain up to 400 classifications of information on each consumer record to make it easy for you to target exactly your ideal prospect.

Consumer Data Counts & Channels:

235 million individuals
130 million US. households                                         
155 million full record opt in email records
84 million full record with residential mobile numbers
131 million full record with residential phone number records
142 million full record with email addresses and matching posts

All data is compliant with CAN-SPAM and other pertinent requirements.

Available With all Data: Address Validation | Phone Verification & Contact Verification | Email Hygiene and Email Verification      

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