What To Expect

Tech Verti Data and Analytics offers a variety of exclusive sales leads, lists, targeted data solutions, and a national consumer database at inexpensive prices.

Experience. Innovation. Excellence.

For the last twenty-five years Tech Verti Data and Analytics and it’s parent companies have become a leader in lead generation and the acquisition of targeted data.

Our platform initiates organizations of all sizes to build new audiences using multiple channels and tools utilizing our system. Data is scrubbed and tailored to your requirements with the most sophisticated software.

Our intention is to know your target audience and to insure all needs are satisfied. We’re very confident in our data / leads as well as our services.

Knowing that if given a chance we can enhance the quality of your information, saving you and your organization some money, while building a long-lasting business relationship in that procedure. We are looking forward to serving your data needs!

Core Products

Consumer Data

Offering enhanced audience segments that are complied from our national database of over 220 million Americans; with over 625 demographic and lifestyle characteristics. These segments can be used to cross-channel your audience to pinpoint your best prospects.

Data and Lists

Choose from our extensive selection of data lists and customize them based on the consumers demographics and the buyer's habits, hobbies, spending patterns, values, interests, and lifestyles criteria to meet your campaigns needs.

Lead Generation

Sales lists can be generated from email advertising, web ads, surveys, affiliate programs, direct mail campaigns, telemarketing, and online marketing. Real-Time, Aged, and Co-Registration leads are collected specifically to your business market niche.

Market Intelligence | Predictive Modeling

A company’s markets is gathered and analyzed specifically for the purpose of accurate and confident decision-making in determining market opportunity, market penetration strategy, and market development metrics.

Propensity Score Marketing

Designed to clone your current customer profile.Then send you new potential clients from our database with that same profile.

SoftCheck System

SCS gives you a glimpse about your potential client. A "precheck" before unrealistic expectations is reached and it keeps the sales process based in reality.

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