data validation

Data Validation

Tech Verti Data and Analytics data validation process assesses every customer record and Individual contact using six energetic transitional documents, assuring you that the Highest degrees of precision across postal, email, telephone, and cellular data. Processing hundreds personal details such as demographic, geographic, lifestyle, interests, and behavioral information permits us to target highly specific audiences to ultra accuracy.

Consumer data sets are comprised of more than 50 bytes of data on every customer. That makes it simple for you to target precisely your perfect sector. Together with our customer mailing lists and extensive targeting capacities, you’ll have exceptional access to your target market.

Data Services:

We supply services that earmarks your target data to enhance your marketing efforts. Tech Verti Data and Analytics can assist you to gain significant insight about your customers and prospects. If you are appending missing infomation, trying to reverse email, phone number, address or other demographic information we can provide the information you need for your project.

Data Enrichment:

Better understand your customers or prospects. Boost your response rate by better understanding your customers or prospects.
Develop your client file with valuable acumen without circling the wagon.

Data Appending:

Enhance your customer lists with new information. Clean and organize depreciated files by appending such information as demographics, lifestyle infomation, phones, and email addresses.

  • Address Validation, CASS & NCOAL
  • Phone Verification & Contact Verification
  • Email Hygiene and Email Verification

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