specialty lists

Specialty Lists

No matter what your target audience, refine your marketing campaigns with laser targeted lists and specialty marketing data. We can build the perfect specialty list regardless if you are in a unique, new, emerging industry, or you simply have specific list requirements.

Targeting methods that are advanced and precise is what sets Tech Verti Data and Analytics apart from the rest of the industry. Our data experts exceed at building custom models and finding new inventive ways to pull and segment data to meet your exact specifications. Our specialty lists often produce double and even triple the response rates of general lists due to the deeper the level of detail.

Specialty lists tend to be overlooked because marketers aspire to achieve the same high response rates when purchasing a general business or consumer list. However, targeted specialty lists and general marketing lists are two completely different strategies. Buying a general marketing list is more of a “shot gun” approach, whereas specialty lists will increase your per record response rate, because you are targeting specific individuals who are most likely to respond to your offer.

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