modeling and profiling

Modeling And Profiling

Through your efforts and resources, can your consumer data locate new clients, identify buyer traits, and find a new consumer market for your product or service?

Tech Verti Data and Analytics knows sophisticated marketing intelligence and predictive modeling that assists companies to generate innovative marketing insight by learning to know their current clients and prospective customers comprehensively.

We are fully aware that using the most accurate consumer data is of paramount importance to the success of your telemarketing, email, or postal mail campaigns.

The single most effective advantage for attaining business development

Customer Profiling:
By analyzing the pragmatic evidence in your customer database, we can identify the most descriptive traits and segments of your idyllic customer, and use that information to understand behaviors, target unique segments, even determine the mix of products or services that should be most marketed together.

Our marketing intelligence is complete customization not only meet your current strategic goals, but is also formulated to give you has the information needed you to think several steps ahead of the competition.

Segmentation Method:
What lifestyle, profession, and interest triggers impact value in a particular segment of your customer database?

By validating segment schemes at the individual level, we can help you build a powerful migration strategy to migrate buyers through the customer life cycle and increase the value of the relationship over time.

Consumer and Prognostic Modeling:
We believe the most proficient use of any marketing investment is to focus on the right target audience. Leads and Data Solutions provides Consumer and Analytical Modeling services to build application specific models that identify and prioritize prospects, analyze market gaps, and even reactivate dormant customers.

With 1,000+ data points for every U.S. ZIP code and carrier route, we streamline the localization of your marketing efforts by providing trade area analysis, executive summary of socioeconomic traits, or penetration analysis to inform you of your next market .

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